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As a child, Sherry Reuss knew she was different than most of her friends, yet it wasn’t until her mid 20s that she realized that she was spiritually gifted.  One of her co-workers gave her a book called, ‘There is a River’, by Thomas Sugure, which changed her life forever.  It is the story of Edgar Cayce, a renowned psychic who lived in the early 1900s.  The comprehensive psychic readings and mystical truths seemed familiar to her. The book gave her a feeling of being understood and finding home.

Like a kid in the candy store, Sherry started studying everything she could possibly get her hands on in the field of metaphysics.  She studied numerology, astrology, tarot, and various spiritual philosophies.  She has attended Edgar Cayce’s study groups for many years, and attended seminars conducted by Dick Sutphen, Doreen Virtue, the Puryears and many others.  She has also completed the Medicine Wheel and has been initiated into the Peruvian Inca Q'ero Lineage. Additionally, she also teaches classes on the Tarot. This blend of studies in various areas has served to heighten her psychic and healing abilities, as well as increase the intensity in her connection to Spirit while giving her readings.

In addition to her readings and Tarot classes, she has led spiritual trips both domestically and abroad to help her clients remember their past lives.  She does psychic readings at Phoenix Psychic Fairs, Purple Lotus Productions, Sedona Psychic Fairs and various other random Expos. She worked for “A Peace of the Universe” Bookstore for 13 years until it closed, 5/1/2018. Her spiritual home for the past 25 years is the Logos Center, Scottsdale Arizona, where she continues to learn and grow.

Sherry’s passion comes from the heart to give helpful, hopeful, and healing information.  The information discerned in her readings will inspire the Seeker and trigger a greater awareness to aid in the solution of major life issues, as well as the challenges of every day life. 

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