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"Sherry Reuss is one of the most gifted psychics I have ever met.The information she gives you is very useful and accurate.Sherry is authentic and is a great communicator."  -  Kent Rini  Inspirational Speaker and Author

"We have known Sherry for many years, as a friend, member of the Logos community and loving intuitive.   We have been referring people who come to us for spiritual help and intuitive insights to her for the loving help she shares from Spirit. The feedback from everyone has always been good, and her readings helpful and hopeful.   She has many gifts, and the wisdom and intuition to use them to help each individual client, according to their needs. We love her as a friend, deeply appreciate her in our community, and respect the work she does."  -
Anne Puryear, Vice-President, The Logos Center, Therapist, and Author of STEPHEN LIVES! My Son Stephen, His Life, Suicide and Afterlife, and MESSAGES FROM GOD.

“Sherry is truly an amazing Psychic.  I have known her for many years and her psychic abilities have grown exponentially over time.  I have been fortunate enough to have many readings with her.  I am always in awe of her abilities and her amazing gifts.  Her readings are incredible and are absolutely divinely inspired.  The ease with which she connects and accesses the Universal Forces or Spirit Plane Guides or whatever Divine Entities are necessary to respond to your individual needs is astounding.  Her honesty and sincerity is obvious and her total confidentiality is impeccable.  The readings I have received have been of tremendous help and are truly priceless.  You will be truly blessed by using this wonderful worker of light and love.  I know I have.”  - Linda Manning, Phoenix AZ

“I have known Sherry as a colleague, a friend, and a spiritual consultant.  I have worked with Sherry for over three-years now at A Peace of the Universe in Scottsdale.  Sherry is warm, personable, has big heart and really cares about her clients.  Sherry has read for me many times over the last three-years. She is the ultimate professional and the experience is always uplifting. 

Sherry begins by inviting you in, calls on the divine for guidance, and connects to your energy. She asks you to choose a stone from her Mesa and then prepares her Cosmic Tarot Deck for communication as you prepare your question or topic for discussion. She lays each card out carefully consulting spirit for the details and checks with her pendulum for clarity before sharing the information. The information coming through can be general or very specific depending on nature of the question presented to her. She is loving in her delivery and careful to be as accurate as possible.


She delivers the message of the initial spread finishing with a discussion regarding the stone you chose from the Mesa and consults the Animal Spirit cards for confirmation or clarification of the initial reading. The combination of information is always delivered in a professional, healing, and loving way.  I would recommend Sherry to anyone seeking clarity on personal and professional relationships, career moves, and travel plans.” - Stacey Napier, RMT, SRT Personal Practitioner


“I have known Sherry for over 16 years.  She has many gifts in the ways she receives from Spirit. Her information comes from her ability to go into her beautiful heart and dial direct.  Sherry's spiritual work and readings have benefitted beautifully from her many years of extensive studies.  Now we all benefit!”  - Judith at A Peace Of The Universe, Scottsdale, Arizona

“You are very accurate and thank you for caring so much and you don’t even know me.  God bless you always!” – Megan, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

"Sherry was amazing. She is so talented, yet humble without ego. She gave us the tools and the basics of Tarot to be confident in doing readings. Sherry is the master teacher. EVeryone will benefit from taking her Tarot class, whether they want to read for the public or gain personal insight. Sherry gave us all very special attention, as if we were her beloved children.  She is gifted yet totally focused on her students with no ego to stand in the way. This is one of the best classes I've taken." - Jan 

"This class by Sherry gave me the confidence and knowledge to believe in my own psychic gifts. She is an awesome educator." - Mary
"I came out of the class feeling confidence, enough to start to do readings right away. Sherry was very thorough and patient with all of her students while learning." - Betty

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